Membership of The Clayrooms includes: 

  • 3 sessions of studio time per week (mini membership: 2 sessions over 1or2 days)

  • In house materials (Clay, glazes and firings)

  • Use of facilities 

  • Timetabled technical support

  • Shelf storage

  • Refreshments

  • Chance to exhibit once a year 


  • Open access times: Tuesday to Friday 9am-9:00pm,  Saturday 10am-9pm (please be aware Budding Potters Club will be in the studio from 9.30- 11.00am), Sunday 10am-4pm (Monday closed)

  • Maximum usage for full membership is 3 x sessions per week, 2 x sessions for mini members

  • No shared contracts, no refunds

  • Before membership starts a full induction to the space is given. It’s important to read our Terms and Conditions

  • Each member has a shelved personal storage space and access to communal storage areas. All other areas of the studio are communal.

  • Members have access to the following: work areas, tools, personal storage space, communal firings, potters wheels, in house glazes, extruder, cleaning equipment, tea & coffee, wifi.

  • Each member will receive up to 25KG (12.5KG for mini members) of in-house stoneware ( if extra or specialist clay such as porcelain is required this can be purchased from The ClayRooms at a discounted price ). Reasonable use of in house glazes and firings are included in the membership fee. Communal firings are 1000c and 1220c only. (it is possible to fire at other temperatures however this has to be booked in and might incur additional costs)

  • Services provided include: onsite technical support, mentoring, tutorials and a chance to exhibit.

  • We are a community of artists and craftspeople and, as such, organise talks and demonstrations by professionals. We can offer support for portfolio development, project briefs and on trend presentation. We organise trips to exhibitions and contemporary craft events.


Full Membership

£150pm: membership per month, rolling contract. Minimum of 3 months

£190pm: 1 month membership only

£140pm: 6 month membership

£135pm: 1 year membership

Mini Membership 

£90pm: membership per month, rolling contract. Minimum of 3 months

£100pm: 1 month membership only

£85pm: 1 year membership 



Fixed term contracts:

payment for membership will be taken in full before the membership start date. The longer the contract the more discount a member will receive

Rolling contracts:

£150/£90 per month, minimum of 3 months, paid via standing order. A period of 30 days notice is needed for termination of a membership and the contract will roll over from month to month.

1 month fixed term:

£190/£100, paid in full before the membership start date.

No shared contracts and no sub-lets. All prices include VAT.

Included in the price

This fee includes the use of The ClayRooms equipment & tools, personal and communal storage space, and technical and artistic support. In-house glazes and firings are also included  (Kiln, clay and glaze usage will be monitored by staff and if it seems a member is using a large amount of either we may need to discuss an additional payment). Maximum usage of the studio is 18/9 hours per week. Time cannot be accumulated and used at a later date. Members will also have the opportunity to sell work during our open studios and in our shop space, helping to fund their ongoing practice.

Holiday & time in lieu:

There will typically be no holiday or time in lieu, not including the allowance outlined on signing up. 


There are no refunds on a 1 month contract or rolling contracts.  We can discuss partial refunds on an individual basis, should the need arise.

Non-usage of the studio / studio opening times:

In the event of a member not being able to use the studio it will usually not be possible to provide any additional studio time in future or make up for this in any way. The studio closes for one week over the Christmas period. We reserve the right to close the studio for a maximum 2 days a year for promotional purposes or essential works.

Sharing the space

Neither The ClayRooms nor The ClayRooms staff are responsible for personal belongings or any work getting damaged, lost or stolen. Please do not bring in your own materials, glazes or any equipment unless cleared first by a member of staff. There is an expectation that all members respect the space and work contained therein.

Personal and communal storage

All work in your personal storage area must be removed from the studio by the day membership finishes.


The studio needs to be fit for purpose so please tidy the area where you have been working, especially wheels if appropriate. 


If you want to invite friends/family to see the space, meet fellow members or staff this is fine. As a rule people are not allowed to use the studio unless they have signed up and anyone visiting must be supervised by an inducted studio member / staff at all times.

Special requirements

If you have any special requirements please let us know during your induction.

Kiln usage

Only staff may fill and empty kilns.


We have a fully stocked materials store.

Health & Safety

Members must have a full induction of the studio before using the space. By signing the induction form members agree that they have understood everything covered in the induction. It is also important that everyone respects all Health & Safety regulations, signage and staff / members.

The main points covered in the induction:

  • The ClayRooms cannot be held responsible for any injuries caused through the misuse of the studio or equipment

  • Fire safety. Please be aware of our evacuation procedure and check you know where the first aid kit is situated.

  • We reserve the right to suspend or cancel any membership if any of the above points are not respected